A written agreement is recommended. Of course, the most important part will be the distribution of the proceeds of the sale or the treasury premium (see below). There may also be a pre-fee for issuing the authorization. However, the vast majority of metal detectors in England are carried out in a perfectly legal manner with the permission of the landowner. What should you do as a farmer or owner if you want to work with a law-abiding metal detector that seeks permission to search your land? A man`s jewel is another man`s treasure, and there are now fairly strict definitions of what makes Treasure. Archaeological objects, wherever they are unearthed, could be considered “treasures” and should be reported as such to the coronary office within 14 days of discovery. The defined treasure now includes all objects with a precious metal element, whether they are at least 300 years old, the treasure trove of coins and individual objects deliberately hidden, abandoned or lost. Metal detection is prohibited in areas that are an area of special scientific interest (SSSI), a planned monument or it is located in an area of the upper stewardship (HLS) or Ministry of Defense land. For HLS lands, Natural England may apply for a special exemption. The scavenger hunt may take place on Entry Level Stewardship (ELS) lands, provided the detectors follow the NFU-approved code of conduct for responsible metal detectors.

The premise remains the same: it is illegal for everyone to search for a metal detector, whether on private or public land, without the permission of the landowner. Many detectors will get permission from the landowner, often from a farmer, so there are a number of things that members should keep in mind. absolutely. Not in the way most detectors behave anyway. The whole world knows this, but currently in Britain unregulated recognition of Daesh metals, so a less abusive agreement to find would be a small but welcome improvement to a rather serious situation. “This code is both fair and practical. Compliance with this code will allow the vast majority of metal detectors to show that they have a real interest in the past and that they want to take advantage of the knowledge they gain through their hobby. The National Council of Metal Detectors will replace its existing code, part of its constitution, with the new one. Compliance with the metal detection code is a prerequisite for adherence.” No more spam. Leave.

These are decent metal detectors (they told us). If, as you say in spam, you have complaints that we are doing something legally questionable, and if you have anything about owning the items you dig up on other people`s land, please contact the police, don`t bother us with. You`ve had your say here, but that`s all you get. The solution would be for the metal detectors to have no research agreement and therefore the discoveries are automatically the farmer`s property at any time. The agreement covers three aspects of metal detection. In the first section, before going to metal detection, it is stated that you must obtain research authorization from the landowner, comply with the laws on protected sites, join an official metal detection club and follow the instructions for the protection of nature. “While you see” that funds must be registered as accurately as possible, soil disturbances should be minimal and the national code should be respected. Finally, it provides advice on procedures after you have discovered.

All discoveries must be reported to the landowner and the portable Antiquities Scheme, detectors must comply with the provisions of the Treasury Act and must seek informed assistance if they find something large or unusual material and must call the police if they discover human remains.