Because DAG Broker has professional relationships with car dealer networks, they are able to guarantee reduced prices that they can then pass on to their customers in the form of savings. Even if the fees charged by the car broker are taken into account in the total cost of the car, the consumer still saves money when buying. An autobroker has to keep a car protocol. [V.C No. 11735]. The protocol remains the property of the DMV. The protocol must record negotiated sales transactions and be retained for three years. [V.C No. 11736]. The protocol must be included: In 2018, DMV began banning wholesalers from obtaining support from the autobroker.

Starting in 2018, only dealers will be able to obtain dealer approval for their dealership licenses. The broker`s request for confirmation can be submitted simultaneously if the distributor`s licence application is submitted or can be made at a later date. A used retailer may obtain, upon request from DMV, the approval of its retail licence by an automobile broker that allows the dealer to arbitrate vehicles. As a broker, the trader is always subject to all submissions, advertisements and other legal requirements and prohibitions that apply to a trader. [V.C 11700.2] The use of DAG Auto Broker saves consumers the time and effort of car hunting on dealerships, an activity that most people consider less desirable. As auto brokers are essentially professional buyers, the entire sales process is generally fluid and simple. Despite the fact that buying a car is one of the main life investments that consumers make in their lives, the concept of using DAG Auto Broker to arrange the sale of a car is not yet widely used by the general public – indeed, many people don`t even know that using a self-broker is an option available when it comes to buying a car. Below, we`ll try to outline some of the key benefits that automatic brokerage services offer to car-buying consumers. The delivery contract should include: “Your car is most likely your second largest investment than you.” C use daily.