Sheldon: Priya basically canceled my roommate agreement with Leonard, which makes me very uncomfortable living in this apartment. The roommate contract can be shaken anyway, as Leonard and Penny are getting married for the start of the season, which means Leonard is likely to move. To be on time, Greg. The next morning, Sheldon wrote a new improved version of the Roommate Agreement and wants Leonard to sign it, but he refuses. Sheldon, who provides for this comment, activates a self-destructive sequence on his laptop, much like Captain Kirk activated the self-destruct sequence in the Star Trek episode “Let That Be Your Last Battlefield” and threatened to blow up the Enterprise to kill himself and an alien enemy, unless he gave in to his demands. The self-destruct sequence will send an e-mail to Mr. and Mrs. Koothrappali informing them of Priyi`s secret relationship with a white boy. Leonard signs the paper after Priya threatens to end his relationship if he doesn`t. Sheldon tells Priya that she may have gone to Cambridge, but she is an honorary graduate of the fictional Starfleet Academy.

On the one hand, the text of the agreement is clearly intended to use Sheldon at Leonard`s expense. While the deal regularly throws a bone at Leonard (i.e. Sheldon promises to take Leonard to swim in Bill Gates` house, if he`s ever invited, Sheldon promises to ask Leonard how he is once a day), it`s pretty one-sided. Sheldon admits so much on the show. Remember, he is the sole author of the agreement and he only presents it in situations where he can arm Leonard in compliance. It`s the sword of Damocles hanging over Leonard`s life. At the end of the day, I am inclined to believe that the roommate agreement is unenforceable and invalid, but the lawyers will not agree. In fact, we are often paid.

How do you feel about that? Is that happening? Does Leonard have any recourse to go out under his pre-boarded roommate? I am interested in the debate. Sheldon: Oh, well, you`re upstairs. I have written a new roommate agreement which is very useful to me. I want you to sign it. The Big Bang theory gets a lot of hate, and I have to admit I don`t really understand why. Admittedly, it`s not Mad Men (what is?), and it too often relies on stupid blonde and fat jokes, but I can`t imagine that I feel strong about it one way or another. My wife and I were watching, but I couldn`t stop at enough of a foot to stay with him.