Study of its history supports the theory that the Clinton administration knew exactly what it was doing when it signed the agreement and that it may have had more in common with the activist plaintiffs than what was initially adopted with respect to relaxing asylum rules. The government filed a brief with the Ninth Circle and asked the court to overturn Judge Dolly Gee`s July 24, 2015 ruling, which found that the Obama administration`s detention of immigrant families was contrary to Flores` 1997 agreement, which regulates the treatment and conditions of unaccompanied minors in federal custody. The Government contends that the District Court erred in declaring that the Flores Agreement applied to accompanied minor non-citizens and their non-bourgeois adult parents. However, this is a ruling by the administration on how to implement this court decision. And this implementation of the court`s decision, which states that children must be separated from their parents because their parents are being prosecuted – this has never been the case before since this agreement was reached by other governments – both democratic and republican governments. The plaintiffs filed a request to enforce the De Flores Concord Agreement, claiming that the Obama administration continues to lock up children in deplorable and unsanitary conditions in CBP facilities, in violation of the settlement and court orders. The application asks the court to order the government to immediately comply with the terms of the transaction and to appoint a special observer to monitor the government`s compliance. .