However, in a number of cases, the signing of a general agreement is a necessary first step towards the development of substantial cooperation. To respond appropriately to requests, the university proposes three draft inter-university contracts for use by university researchers, teachers and collaborators: university researchers, teachers and staff are often contacted by colleagues and/or institutions that wish to cooperate officially by signing an agreement with UCL. UCL`s policy is simple: signing an agreement only makes sense if it defines cooperation agreements between the two participating institutions (. B for example, student exchanges, graduate work, research support, etc.). In other words, UCL is not fundamentally interested in signing agreements whose content is too general and/or imprecise. There is an agreement between the parties that have committed to continue and deepen their cooperation. There are two types of agreements: a Memorandum of Understanding is a declaration by which a UCL unit and its partner announce their intention to cooperate in the field of education (through the exchange of professors, assistants or students), scientific research (through the exchange of researchers or scientific information or through the development of joint research projects) and/or the management of higher education. It is time-limited and is used to prepare for longer-term cooperation agreements. It has sought to ensure that the parties have the will and the means to achieve sustainable mutual cooperation.