P. I understand that in the event of an impact of COVID-19 (including prolonged illness or loss of employment), the enrolment contract may be modified or terminated by mutual agreement between our family and the Director of School Administration. Requests for modification and/or cancellation of the contract must be submitted in writing within at least 30 days, with supporting documents proving the loss of work or prolonged illness. Tuition refunds will be granted for contracts terminated in writing by July 15, 2021. Requests for termination or modification of contract made during the 2021-2022 school year will be considered until the first of each month and will include a 10% processing fee. Agreement with TADS: The responsible party (you) agrees to be bound by the terms of this TADS Agreement until the amount due to Ithaca Waldorf School (School) and TADS is paid in full. Funds collected by TADS as an agent of the school are transferred to the school. All refunds will be processed by the school. All transactions involving funds must comply with U.S. and Minnesota laws.

C. I/We understand that the overhead costs of the school do not decrease with the departure of students during the year. The obligation to pay tuition fees under this Agreement is unconditional. If the external sources of funding (DSS, Americorp, others) change, I understand that the obligation to respect the difference in payments remains my responsibility. TADS Payment Terms: I authorize TADS to initiate payments from my account or card to meet the amount owed to the school or TADS for fees. This approval will continue upon re-enrolment in the school for the following years, in accordance with the tadsi terms and conditions then in force. TADS will make credit card and/or ACH payments from the listed account or card (or the account or card provided later) on the agreed dates (or the next business day if the agreed day falls on a weekend or holiday). TADS will initiate transactions on the due date and ACH transactions one bank day before the due date.

For each item returned, a fee will be charged to the account for returned items. Changes to the credit card and/or ACH payment must be notified and approved by TADS two bank business days before the due date. This Agreement shall in no way be construed as a lender-borrower agreement between the parties. The Trade Council negotiated for several months this spring with Hilton Worldwide, which operates the Waldorf, and the Blackstone Group, which owns 46 percent of the hotel chain. .